But the kasachok she danced really wunderbar

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how do I stop my parents from moving to east texas

lupin and jigen have one of the greatest animated bromances of all time and you won’t convince me otherwise

yes, yes I would 8)

I dreamt I was back in high school algebra as an adult and when the teacher called on me to answer a problem and just I laughed and said “I haven’t solved anything for x since the Bush presidency” and then I woke up

maybe I’m a sucker for space and guns and marvel but GotG was so good man

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. Wes Anderson)

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Hannes never got a last name and look we all know what this means

Hannes confirmed for AckermanBowl 2014

look at this disgusting pairing

look at this disgusting pairing

alright alright alright alright part 2

Ok so I made this list of people I recommend you follow and they are all great and sexy, but maybe you’re like sous come on now I need some history blogs!! Well don’t worry yourself because here are some Michelin star suggestions who post amazing things and are generally way cooler than me. Enjoy:

empress-of-awesomeness has a rad blog with loads of delicious 18th century/Napoleonic goodies and an even better history blog rec list!! With a Joseph II icon, how could you go wrong?

queen-nat-xvi is a fellow self-proclaimed history nerd with some great “current” humor mixed in! A good and merry time all around!

grenadierfifer is a wonderful Napoleonic blog with a fun personality! Check out their tags! They also draw!!

uglyrenaissancebabies, is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


lostsplendor, run by a real archives student, is a beautiful experience and great blend of old and new.

speaking of grenadiers, grenadier1756 is also a really fun blog run by a historical costumer!

itsrainingmensheviks is self-explanatory. Bolshevik Mean Girls. You really just need to follow them.

fuckyeahhistorycrushes, reminding you that history is still sexy, all the time.

dailyreenactor is a fine collection of all sorts of reenactor pics from all eras!! You’ll be engrossed for hours! Check it out!!!

presidentialpickuplines, again, it’s written on the tin. This blog will make you laugh whether you are a history nerd or not!

napoleondidthat, probably my most hella favorite historical caption blog by far.

perezhamilton, a “history tabloid”, very well done, what more could you want!?

bundesmutti, although not a “history history” blog, is great for those with a more german sense of humor.

Thanks for reading and thank you to these blogs for being rad!!

alright alright alright alright

I’ve been on tumblr now for like 3 thousand years I think and I want to do like a “you should follow these people” list because you should definitely follow these people, so here:

uro-boros  writes some of the most goddamn amazing fanfiction you will ever read, ever. Like when she was born the old gods and new came together like “this one’s is gonna have sick word talent” and then boom it was so. Pairings should line up to have her write them, for real. You want some artsy ass FrUk? It’s there. How about cute CanAm? Fucking there. Steamy RusAme?! IT’S THERE YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME! OH YOU WANT ADORABLE SHINGEKIS? WELL HOW ABOUT ERURI PORN? HOW DOES SHE WRITE IT ALL?! I DON’T KNOW!!!

archaicacid is one of those people you should follow but also hate because she can draw and write like what the hell!! Her fic is Grade A++ and she writes many things that I find pleasing and you will too!!! Oh did I mention she also draws the best Bara Boys this side of the Mississippi so much that Himaryua and Isayama themselves took one look at and said “Shit. Fuck. We’ve been drawing them wrong the whole time. Fuck” before crying tears of happiness (citation needed). tl;dr +follow right now

whileothersreap exists on the next fucking cosmic level. Every day I wake up and I’m like “Am I Sonja yet? goddamn” because her life is dope and she does dope shit. Her blog has been recommended by 11/10 doctors and also Oprah and the Queen. If her art were a person I would make out with them. Seriously go look and recognize.

So now you’re like sous these are some mad choice blogs and now I want more sassy people to follow well you’re in luck because:

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